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02 Feb

Best Jazz Music

How do you define what is the best jazz music around at the moment. Its really difficult question and one which requires serious thought and energy. If you consider the likes of what I would call “true jazz” players like Christian Scott or Avashai Cohen then other spectrums of jazz are often thought of in a less than favourable light. Any mention of Jane Monheit or Michael Buble would be quashed immediatly by any true jazz listener. Conversely, more outside music might be considered a step too far and most avant-garde free jazz would probably be thrown out with the rubbish. I`m not really sure what my point is here but I believe it`s somewhere along the line of – listen to it all and decide by how it sounds and not base your judgement on genre! On a seperate note visit¬†Jazz Bands London, a site featuring some bands for hire in London.

31 Jan

The Best Jazz Music

Sometimes we wonder why we listen to and play jazz but then we realise… it really is the best music out there! Living in london we really are spoilt for choice with a scene second only to New York and there are an infinite number of great gigs happening every night of the week. Places like the Vortex, Charlie Wrights and the Jazz Cafe are open most nights of the week. Check them out to see some of the top musicians in London playing their jazz hearts out.