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28 Jan

Gig Reviews

The Bad Plus – South Bank Centre

The bad plus are one of my favourite new jazz groups to emerge over the last 5-10 years. They play challenging covers and stay away almost entirerly from the standard repertoire. One of my personal favourite songs is Blondie`s “heart if glass” which owes as much to the Aphex Twin version as to the Blondie original.
Basically they are a classic piano trio (piano, acoustic bass & drums) but there sound is anything but. Especially from Smith`s drums where he chooses odd tunings and an almost broken drum sound to create a much more original and modern sound. Almost hinting towards a low-fi electronic drum sound.
The bassist also uses his amp very well to conjur up different timbers and effects. All this without sounding strained or too teenage… How many band out there think that adding effects to an otherwise terrible song will make it better? Lots is the answer!